Don't Quit On God Because Man Fails You!

By David J. Stewart

Psalm 101:3, “I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes:
I hate the work of them that turn aside; it shall not cleave to me.”

       The Bible says that God hates the work of them that quit and turn aside. We are living in a generation of quitters. People are quitting their marriage. People are quitting church. People are quitting on God. People are forsaking morality and ethics. People are quitting on their country. Patriotism died long ago. All the illegal immigration has killed patriotism. Without a border, their is no country!

I am not going to quit. I am not going to stop fighting for what is right. I am not a quitter. I'll wear out, but I won't rust out. Bless God, I'm not selling out! I'll never vote Democrat nor Republican again. These are crime families. There's not a dime's differences between the two parties. Former Minnesota governor has just written a book titled,DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans: No More Gangs in Government.” How right Jesse is! As a patriotic American, I'm tired of the liars and frauds in Washington D.C.! They're giving us a choice between Pepsi or Coke, Burger King or McDonalds. What a joke! What a disgrace! Seeing President Obama sitting on THE VIEW was a sick joke! What a bunch of losers!!!

Metrosexuals (a man who spends a lot of time and money on shopping for his appearance) have taken over our country. Many of them are homosexuals and transvestites. People are so woefully ignorant, and sadly willfully ignorant. President Obama has hired 37 former Goldman Sachs employees since he took office.

We've turned into a banana Republic! Everything is about morality today and we're losing the battle! U.S. troops are committing suicide at a rate of ONE PER DAY!!! The world is blowing up before our face and no one wants to pout the pieces together! 30,000 armed drones, TSA checkpoints everywhere. War is close!

As Gerald Celente says, “The fish rots from the head down!” These chicken-hawk el supremo, but none of them get the job done. Spain is cooked, there's no way out! The Wall Street trash, beltway blowhards and Washington wankers have run the ship ashore into the rocks! Congress are a bunch of quitters! Out of 535 members of Congress, only 40 voted against NDAA (a Nazi-fascist law that allows the government to make citizens disappear without a right to attorney nor trial). Everyone seems to have ADD (attention deficit disorder)! The U.S. has lost our credit worthiness. This whole thing is a house-of-cards and is ready to come down!

We're going into authoritarianism. The occupy movements have QUIT! Why did they give up? The latest fad is Bill 78 in Montréal, Canada, where you have no more freedom to demonstrate anymore. They're killing the freedom movement. Never give up your rights! Freedom of speech is our most important right next to owning guns!

The world's Socialist website has some of the most accurate reporting of any other news sites. Also, Chinese news is far more reliable than American news. We've become this mountain of authoritarian crap in America. We wouldn't need national healthcare if Congress hadn't allowed all U.S. corporations to eliminate tens-of-millions of American jobs to foreign labor. 20,000 Americans died in 2011 because they had no health insurance. The globalists who've hijacked America did this on purpose, betting that once enough Americans had died, that we would beg like dogs for national healthcare. And so it is!

People are so naive and ignorant because the mainstream newsmedia lies to them, boasting how great the criminals who've taken over our country are. You idiots who think national healthcare is so great, just wait until you have a toothache and have to wait months to see a dentist. A poor women in England took pliers and pulled her own tooth out because she couldn't wait anymore. You just wait until you're told that you're too old to qualify for a liver transplant or necessary surgery. Welfare always treats people worse than dogs! You'll stand in line forever waiting for care. When your tonsils are sore and hurting, they won't remove them until you're dying. You won't qualify for care unless you're on your death bed! Oh it won't be this way at first, but eventually it will.

Common sense tells us that someone's got to pay the bills. Who's going to pay for healthcare for everyone? The government? You'll see. The reason why the government is doing this is because it gives them the vehicle to enslave humanity and to profit every step of the way, at our expense. The world is being enslaved to the international banking cartel and their minions. They've got us debating the sinking ship while criminals are running all around unpunished. Everyone's arguing over how the deck chairs should be arranged, while the Titanic is about to sink 11,000 feet to the bottom of the Atlantic ocean. A thuggish, paramilitary, pot-belly force of criminals have taken over America and the average person is a timid spectator who has no idea of what is happening. The New World Order is killing people all over the planet.

I shared the Gospel with a family today, July 4th, 2012. We spoke about the situation in the world today. I made the statement that America is gone. They were bewildered, having no idea what I was talking about. One woman asked, “What do you mean?” I replied that the bankers are criminals. I told her that President Obama has appointed at least 37 Goldman Sachs former employees to the government. I explains that Wall Street controls Washington D.C. now and that criminals are in charge of everything in the government.

I mentioned college loans, which the banksters have been issuing to anybody who applies. Student debt for loans is now at $950,000,000,000 in America! The bankers couldn't care less if anyone pays the loans back, because just like the banker-bailout in 2008, they're going to bilk taxpayers for another trillion to pay off student loans. All that reckless debt-spending means printing more money, which devalues the dollar further, ultimately raising inflation for everything. Food prices have doubled in recent years!

The most effective and undetected form of theft is to borrow money recklessly in another person's name (which is exactly what the bankers are doing through Congress to Americans). Congress is bought and paid for. Only 40 of 535 members of Congress voted against the treasonous NDAA bill. To pay the reckless debt they print more money, making it worth LESS. This makes prices increase (inflation) to compensate for the lost value of the dollar. Since the dollar is worth less, so also is the money you've saved for your retirement all your life. This is how bankers steal your wealth!!! If you understand this, then you will stop saving money and investing for your retirement, because it won't be there. A dollar saved today won't be worth 25 cents 20-years from now.

People only think of Wall Street in terms of the Stock Market. My friend, Wall Street is much more than stocks. Wall Street is compromised of tens-of-thousands of criminals who make money by stealing from others through transfer of wealth. That's what the stock market is in essence. The stock market is totally manipulated and controlled from the inside. The NASDAQ doesn't even have an exchange. It's all computerized. It's a big scam. Don't live for money.

The wise Christian realizes that this life is short and only what we do for Christ will last. Most believers have been CHOKED by the cares, pleasures and riches of this temporal world (Luke 8:14). They do nothing for Jesus Christ. We can't save anybody, and that's not our job. Our duty is to preach the Gospel to everyone we can. Every Christian should invest in Heaven by witnessing to others with Gospel tracts, Bibles and in personal conversation. I've shared the Gospel with many people who were friendly toward me, but then treated me like a disease after they saw the Gospel of John or How To Go To Heaven on a tract.

I had a Japanese couple that loved my steel guitar playing, until I gave them some Bibles. They left and I could see the contempt on the young man's face, but his wife had a sweet disposition and I could tell she thought differently. I smiled at them both and was happy that I had witnessed to them. The fact that the young man was disturbed evidences that God was working in his heart. I planted a seed that may, prayerfully and hopefully, one day lead to his salvation. Most Japanese people believe Buddhism and over 100,000 strange religions. Most Japanese follow Shintoism .

The Federal Reserve is PRIVATELY OWNED (which is the key here). They are criminals and thieves! They have been lending money to pay for the reckless SPENDING (wars, banker bailout scam, housing loan scandal, student loan scandal—spending for this and spending for that—sticking U.S. citizens with the bill!!! Our nation is in massive debt and still plunging. This is exactly what the bankers want. Remember, bankers make the most money when you go into default! The banksters steal everything you've ever worked for through inflation of prices, devaluation of money and making sure your jobs disappear. Now the federal government is going to penalize anyone who doesn't go along with ObamaCare. Join or else! Pay into the new system or suffer the harsh consequences! What they're doing is illegal, unconstitutional and evil.

The Zionist globalists controlling America through the Council On Foreign Relations and now dozens of U.S. departments they've taken over since President Ronald Reagan (1980-1988) and especially George H. Bush became President (1988-1992), have deliberately forced Americans into an artificially created depression (no jobs, banking fraud, reckless government spending and borrowing from the privately owned Federal Reserve in OUR name, et cetera).

Thus, Americans either accept national healthcare or die because they cannot afford high insurance premiums anymore. It was all planned to happen this way to enslave Americans. We are a nation of ingrates, fools and pleasure seeking rebels. The end is on the horizon. The train to Auschwitz has pulled into the train station. All aboard!!! All aboard!!!

Whoever you are... DON'T QUIT on God! Don't quit on the United States of America! Don't quit your marriage! Honor your vows! Love your country! Fear God and obey His Commandments! We are living in the Last Days and I believe the End Times as well. Biblical prophecy is unfolding before our eyes. The New World Order is not going to stop, it's just getting started. Technology is going to blow people's minds away in the decades to come if the Lord tarries His return. The whole of man's knowledge DOUBLES every 8-years. One can only imagine in his wildest dreams what this world will be like in 2050 if the Lord doesn't return first. World War II is imminent. Israel is at the center stage of interest. The nations are restless and angry. The world is a giant pressure-cooker ready to blow!

1st John 5:18-19, “We know that whosoever is born of God sinneth not; but he that is begotten of God keepeth himself, and that wicked one toucheth him not. And we know that we are of God, and the whole world lieth in wickedness.”


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