Wine is a Mocker

By David J. Stewart

Proverb 20:1, “Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging: and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise.”

       Booze is a curse upon our nation! The Bible plainly warns about the dangers of “STRONG DRINK.” The Hebrew word for mocker is luts, meaning “to make mouths at, that is, to scoff.” Literally, the Bible says that alcohol laughs in your face while you're drinking at, because you're playing a deadly game of Russian Roulette (where one bullet is put into a 6-chamber gun, the barrel spun, and the gun is put to the player's head and the trigger pulled until someone dies).

This is what people do when they put a beer bottle to their mouth and drink alcohol. Even worse, they are gambling with someone else's life when they drive a vehicle. Most people who drink a few beers get into their car and drive. Our culture not only permits it, but encourages such behavior. The beer cartel hires a bunch of sleazy lawyers, pays off the right legislatures and politicians, and accepts no responsibility for the consequences of their dirty business.

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America's decadent culture of boozing, partying and having a good time fuels the legal system with DUI arrests and convictions. The same greedy elite families who own the beer cartel are in bed with their buddies who own the prisons. It's sickening. They profit from trafficking illegal drugs into our nation and then

Wine in the Bible was naturally-fermented, which you had to “tarry long” (Proverb 23:30) at in order to become intoxicated. Back in ancient times you'd have to drink almost a gallon to get drunk. Even children drank wine in ancient times. However, today it is VERY different with modern distilling equipment in factories that produce concentrated alcoholic beverages.

In the old days, as recent as a couple decades ago, all beer and alcoholic products were sold in the rear of the store. Booze was sold in brown bags to cover the labels. Today, cases of beer are sold right at the checkout counter, in your face at the front of the store. We've lost our shame for sin and decency as a nation. Anything goes these days. America's moral decline will continue downward, guaranteed!!! After decades of ruthless abortion, it's a silent holocaust today, hardly mentioned in the mainstream newsmedia anymore.

We're a nation of evildoers! Many women have had multiple abortions and still counting. Feminism has indoctrinated women to become intolerant of all male authority, whether it be an authoritative husband, father, pastor or God. The King James Bible is an authoritative Book, as God wrote the Bible; but the Bible-butchers from Nelson, Zondervan, the Committee on Biblical Translation (CBT) and others have feminized and homosexualized the Bible. God is angry! The average person today has no anger or passion about the things of God, just as they didn't in New Testament times (Philippians 2:21). People today don't care. The truth doesn't matter to them! They don't get upset over drunk driving. They don't get upset over same-sex marriage, abortion, pornography and a host of others horrible sins ruining our nation.

Let me tell you friend, alcohol-impaired crashes are NO ACCIDENT!!! I say “alcohol-impaired” because most deadly crashes involve drivers still within the alleged safe legal limit of .08 BAC (blood alcohol concentration). Most drivers who crash under the influence cannot be arrested for being drunk, because their BAC is only .05 or .06 (well under the .08 limit). The legal limit used to be .10 for many years! It should be .001 as far as I'm concerned (no alcohol).

People choose to drink alcohol. People choose to be promiscuous, choose to Rock 'N' Roll, choose to fornicate and commit adultery, choose to have abortions, and choose to make excuses for their sins. Homosexuality is a choice! Isn't it something how evil hypocrites talk about abortion all the time as “A CHOICE,” but then when it comes to homosexuality they say it's beyond their control and they were born that way. Wicked sinners decide what's a choice and what's not, living by their own perverted rules instead of by God's holy Laws.

“For the wages of sin is death...” (Romans 6:23)

Wine is a mocker the Bible says, and alcohol-related accident statistics prove the Bible true again and again. People don't listen to God, and then eventually it's too late. Only a fool denies the Bible as being God's inspired Words. God says abortion is murder, but evil men (even ministers) teach abortion is acceptable to God. God says homosexuality is a sin, but evil men (even ministers) teach it is ok with God. Such blatant wickedness can only lead to judgment from God!

Alcohol is a menace to society. Alcohol caused Noah to be naked in front of his son. Alcohol led to incest between Lot and his daughters. Alcohol has been a curse since creation. The only safe way to handle alcohol is to not handle it in the first place. Alcohol is dangerous, deceitful and laughs in the face of those who disregard the Bible's warning to take heed.


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"In flaming fire taking vengeance on them that know not God, and that obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ."
—2nd Thessalonians 1:8

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