Evangelist R.A. Torrey


       “If you are this moment troubled about any sin that you have ever committed, either in the past or in the present, just look at Jesus on the cross. It is an act of base ingratitude to God to brood over sins that He in His infinite love has canceled.”

Evangelist R.A. Torrey (1856-1928)            Torrey grew up in a wealthy home, attended Yale University and Divinity School, and studied abroad. During his early student days at Yale, young Torrey became an agnostic and a heavy drinker.  But even during the days of his “wildlife,” he was strangely aware of a conviction that someday he was to preach the Gospel. At the end of his senior year in college, he was saved.

          While at Yale Divinity School, he came under the influence of D. L. Moody. Little did Moody know the mighty forces he was setting in motion in stirring young  R. A. Torrey to service!

          After Moody died, Torrey took on the world-girdling revival campaigns in Australia, New Zealand, England and America.

          Like many other giants for God, Torrey shone best, furthest and brightest as a personal soul winner. This one man led 100,000 to Christ in a revival that circled the globe!

          Dr. Torrey’s education was obtained in the best schools and universities of higher learning. Fearless, quick, imaginative and scholarly, he was a tough opponent to meet in debate. He was recognized as a great scholar, yet his ministry was marked by simplicity.

          It was because of his outstanding scholastic ability and evangelistic fervor that Moody handpicked Torrey to become superintendent of his infant Moody Bible Institute. In 1912, Torrey became dean of BIOLA, where he served until 1924, pastoring the Church of the Open Door in Los Angeles from 1915 to 1924.

          Torrey’s books have probably reached more people indirectly and helped more people to understand the Bible and to have power to win souls, than the writings of any other man since the Apostle Paul, with the possible exceptions of Spurgeon and Rice, Torrey was a great Bible teacher, but most of all he was filled with the Holy Spirit.

          He greatly influenced the life of Dr. John R. Rice.


SOURCE: Biographies of Great Men

"In flaming fire taking vengeance on them that know not God, and that obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ."
—2nd Thessalonians 1:8

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